Sportradar AG premieres Sportradar Integrity Exchange service

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As part of its ongoing effort to stamp out suspected instances of match-fixing and sports data intelligence specialist Sportradar AG has announced the launch of an innovative network that will enable bookmakers to report suspicious betting activities.

The Swiss enterprise used an official press release to proclaim that its new Sportradar Integrity Exchange service has been designed to aid integrity investigations and will permit bookmakers from around the world ‘to have an increasingly active role in the fight against match-fixing.’ The authority stated that the fresh advance is being provided at no cost and will also supply its staff with an enhanced understanding of the global landscape regarding attempts to illicitly manipulate the outcome of sporting events.

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St Gallen-headquartered Sportradar AG pronounced that its Sportradar Integrity Exchange network will allocate participating sportsbetting providers with ‘a two-way channel to exchange information’ and raise the any concerns with ‘a team of integrity experts.’ The firm declared that the new advance from its Sportradar Integrity Services subsidiary is to moreover embrace ‘exclusive data-driven intelligence about the global match-fixing situation’ while supplying users with monthly, quarterly and annual reports containing exclusive analysis, insights and trends.

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As if all of this wasn’t enough and Sportradar AG pronounced that its Sportradar Integrity Exchange service will furthermore supply ‘onboarding sessions’ hosted by dedicated experts in integrity issues as well as webinar-based online education tools embracing anti-match fixing, social media integrity and match-fixing theory topics. It disclosed that users are to additionally be able to enjoy access to reports covering a year’s regional and market match-fixing breakdowns alongside the competitions and sports most at risk.

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Andreas Krannich serves as the Managing Director for Sportradar Integrity Services and he used the press release to assert that his firm’s latest innovation represents ‘the flip side of the same coin’ embracing its bet monitoring Universal Fraud Detection System advance and will allow it to ‘address corruption from different aspects of the industry’. The professional went on to divulge that his company has identified more than 6,600 suspicious matches over the course of the previous 17 years with the new network being ‘the next step in our strategy to fight the growing match-fixing problem.

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“We’re inviting bookmakers to strengthen their contribution to the anti-match-fixing fight. Sportradar Integrity Exchange is a key part of our integrity vision to tackle match-fixing and follows the Universal Fraud Detection System bet monitoring system for sports organizations that we made free-of-charge last year.”

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