WakeApp approved to begin promoting its services in Virginia

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Cypriot mobile marketing specialist WakeApp has announced that it has strengthened its position in the embryonic iGaming market of the United States by being added to a list of approved sportsbetting vendors for the southern state of Virginia.

The Nicosia-headquartered firm used an official Monday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to declare that the March 21 endorsement by the eleven-member Virginia Gaming Authority will now permit local enterprises in ‘The Old Dominion State’ to utilize its services so as ‘to acquire high-quality traffic.’

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WakeApp described itself as ‘an experienced agency with more than eight years of experience in the international market’ that helps digital organizations around the world to generate ‘high-value traffic and leads.’ With offices also in the United Kingdom and Israel, the enterprise stated that it is a ‘leader in the mobile app promotion market’ with this latest approval moreover due to allow its international partners to ‘share their experiences and fresh ideas’ with businesses in Virginia.

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Slow start:

Established in 2013, WakeApp disclosed that 30 American states have launched some form of sports wagering following the United States Supreme Court’s trailblazing revocation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018. However, the firm’s boss, Niko Belik, pronounced that Virginia was slow to capitalize on this relaxation and largely ‘remained on the sidelines’ until the passage some 25 months ago of legislation that legalized online sportsbetting from January of last year so as to ‘help bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues.’

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Acute attention:

Belik went on to proclaim that his company’s move into the rapidly-expanding online sportsbetting market of Virginia will ‘expand its sphere of influence’ even further and allow it to begin ‘promoting gambling’ to afficionados in the jurisdiction of nearly 8.7 million people. He finished by asserting that his enterprise furthermore considers providing ‘the highest customer support levels’ as its ‘primary focus’ and this alongside a commitment to transparency explains why it ‘is thriving as much as it is.’

Read a statement from Belik…

“An important feature of the Virginia region is the ability only to bet online since there are no physical gambling establishments such as bookmakers or casinos in the state. Tens of thousands of players flock to the online betting industry and this has an additional stimulating effect on the development of the digital and advertising component of gambling, which provides advertisers more opportunities to conquer this market.”

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